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Senior Photos in Port Huron

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We’ve been creating senior portraits since 2002 and love every minute of it. Our job is to bring out the celebrity, the artist, the athlete, the genius, the fashionista, the skater, the singer inside of you, so you can share it with everyone else. You’re about to experience the real world, relying on your talents to make it big. We want to capture you just as you are, right now, so you can look back on yourself in later years and remember who you were before one of the biggest transitions of your life. You’re gorgeous, you’re courageous and eager to fly the nest.  It’s the perfect time to dress up and immortalize the moment on camera.


About Your Senior Photo Session

This is the most important element of the senior portrait since this is where the images are actually created. All sessions offer a variety of expressions to show your personality. The amount of time we spend shooting affects how many final images you will have to select from. Generally, most sessions will result in 40-70 images, depending on Session choice. You will be offered a variety of posing, as well as a mix of color, black and white and sepia toned images.

Please arrive 10-15 minutes early for your appointment to give us time to review your clothing and get your paperwork in order. If you arrive late, your session will be shortened and the amount of images you receive will be reduced. If you arrive too late, we may need to reschedule your appointment.

It is IMPORTANT that you bring your clothes ironed and on hangers. The only alternative is to pay for the time it takes to remove the wrinkles in editing and that is costly!

Please bring a variety of styles and colors. Do not JUST bring different colors, also bring different styles. As for different colors..although you may look great in blue, a variety of colors will give us more options to create images that do not all look the same.

Our suggestion is to bring at least one dressy outfit. Also bring seasonal clothing. If your pictures are being taken in the summer, bring a winter outfit. Bring THEME clothing..such as western, grunge, sport senior pictures, glam..etc. Have fun with your clothing and let it express YOU! Don’t forget to bring an outfit that mom and dad like as well!

Bring accessories such as hats, belts, jewelry and shoes. Often putting a coat on over an outfit makes it look like an entirely new outfit without having taken the time to change your clothes. Parkas, jean jackets, leather, and hoodies are all great looks.

Clothing that is tight or low cut will be exactly that in your pics. If you do not like that look, please adjust your clothing!

We offer both traditional and modern portraiture to please parents and seniors!

All prints ordered are edited including basic touch-ups, black and white, sepia toning and yearbook photo for school.

We have photographed Michigan high school seniors from Port Huron Northern, Photo Huron High, Croswell-Lexington, Marysville, St. Clair, Marine City, Algonac, Marlette, Brown City, Port Sanilac, Yale, Cardinal Mooney and Imlay City. Let us create your senior pictures.

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